Friday, June 22, 2007

Lets have some smurf.

How can I possibly put into words the feelings of sweet regression I get when I look at these pictures? How can I possibly describe this homemade cake better than Ruby Khan herself, as she had actually lived through it at her littlest brothers firstest birthday.
"bizarre, blue, be-hatted Mickey Mouse"
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I would have to agree. The fact that it's blue just reiterates the fact that no matter what, parents just aren't hip enough to tell the diffreance between a Surf-shaped pan and a Mickey Mouse-shaped pan. Or maybe there was just too many icing colors needed for mickey.
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How cute is mini-Khan? Sqeeeeeeeallllling with delight. I hope that this is a different party because if these kids got cupcakes instead of that beautiful blue beast it would be pretty unfortunate. Then again the elder Khans were probably just looking out for their rugs.

Thanks Ruby!

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Ruby Khan said...

It just gets funnier every time I look at these photos. Eric's high chair about to be lifted skyward by those lackluster balloons. The Magnus Chord Organ peeking out in the corner behind him. My friend Erinn licking her lips like, "Say cheese, my ass, I'm eating a cupcake." The remarkable oil painting of a ship in storm-tossed seas that hung on my dining room wall forever. Me, being a spaz as usual.

We had orange carpets to boot.