Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Thanks Fevah for this interesting entry. At first glance you would assume (incorrectly) that this is a child's cake, and the mother was patient enough to let said child decorate it with sludge-like frosting of their own mixing and whatever random garbage toys he found on the floor. Then you take a closer look and realise that the candles clearly signify that the recipient of this monstrosity is 45. If someone gave me this shit-show for my birthday when I was 45 and expected me to actually eat it I think I'd toss myself out the window because nobody really gave a shit about me anyways. But then again maybe his kid made it for him and now I feel bad. I don't know why I assume it's for a guy. I guess it would make it that much worse.
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Meesh said...

Maybe mom let the kid decorate it for his/her father's 45th birthday?

So much for the kid's art scholarship...