Monday, August 6, 2007

Maimsey's got some interesting friends.

As the title suggests, this was submitted by Etta Maims, who attended a party that was a "Rescue Me" theme. Sure, why not. I probably would have gone with Dennis Leary's face in icing, perhaps some jimmies to represent cigarette ashes but thats just me.
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You wouldn't belive all of the sweet cakes that'll pop up from Googling "golf cake". Miniature golf cake, not so much. This is in honor of Friday night playing full contact mini-golf with the Pissahs, and having belly laughs that hurt for the first time in forever. Also here's to getitng knocked on my ass onto the lawn by Maims on the first hole. I tried to trip her "by accident" in to some water traps, but no luck.
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1 comment:

maimsey said...

no no no!! i did not attend such a party.. i just heard that it happened.

hope your ass is doin' alright after that first hole! you know i miss knocking you around!