Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Thanks to Tootsie Pop who found this gem while hunting for her sister's baby shower cake. Just looking at this gives me cramps, and a craving for blue icing lips.

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Anonymous said...

okay... normally i wouldnt say anything unless i had something positive to say BUT seeing as how this page was intended to make fun of these awful cakes i dont feel so bad. This cake is the most disgusting, tacky, trashy, and revolting thing i have ever seen. it is disrespectful to all pregnate women and for the love of god why is she naked?? this person obviously has never witnessed birth because it generally doesnt happen butt naked. and another thing? whos idea was the bright red frosting detail? that is quite possibly the worst excuse for a cake i have ever seen. if it was served at my shower or at a shower for anyone i knew i would be horrified. this person should be ashamed of themselves. disgusting.