Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time to breathe.

Sorry I made you look at that terrible ass for so long. Work has been busy as hell. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of hosting the league at my house for a retreat & bbq.
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I thought it would be there perfect opportunity to make my own sheet cake, though this one wouldn't be ugly, it would be the BEST SHEETCAKE EVAR. Since I've never actually made one i didn't realise how difficult it actually is. My first mistake was using a butter cake recipe, it was so hard to maneuver onto the plate because the delicious buttery film was sticking to things and it was kinda greasy. After i got it where i wanted it on the plate it was kinda broken and horrible looking, so i decided to make a top layer to put on it to cover up the damage. Once I did that i found it pretty damn impossible to get the two layers lined up, so I had to trim around all of the edges to make it look square-ish. Then I got the wrong kind of decorative icing. I was going ot be all fancy and draw a BDD logo (freehand mind you) on it:
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A little ambitious? Noooooo.
Oh it was going to be so spectacular in my mind but then i realised i needed decorative tips to put over the tube and i didn't have those and by the time the layers were put together it was pretty late and i was kinda tired and bored so here's what we wound up with:
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How appropriate. We learn from our mistakes! I will sheetcake again.


maimsey said...

cheers to the hostess with the mostest! let it be known that the sheet cake was very very tasty!

samuel said...

My son once wanted a Spiderman cake that ended up looking a lot like yours, with Spiderman written across the top. I'm sure I have a picture somewhere.